UK Competitions – 

These are all the events across the country, further information can be found by clicking on the various links.


There is a “Scottish Canicross Championship Series” – Cani-Sports Scotland, Cani-Fit and Cani-Sports Edinburgh have worked together to bring a “Scottish Canicross Points Table” featuring their races and so in turn a “Scottish Canicross Championships Series”
The Championship Series will feature 4 races, you must race in at least 3 of the 4 races and your best 3 results will count for the series

CaniSports Scotland (CSS) Race links can be found here: CSS Link

Cani-Fit Race links can be found here: Cani-Fit Link

Cani-Sports Edinburgh Race links can be found here: Race links can be found here:

Sled Dog Association of Scotland (SDAS) Race links can be found here:  SDAS Race Calendar . They run a league of dog sledding, scootering, bikejoring and canicrossing; however you do need to be a member to enter.


Canicross Midlands run a league of races, canicross, scootering and
bikejor events. For further info, please contact Claire Martin. 07794435318.

Canix run a league of cani-cross events. They are mainly based in England, but all entrants are welcome. For more info and to enter go to:  CaniX