Training/ Classes

We have started up some more specific training sessions for all those that are interested.

Please get in touch if you want to join in


We have set up some JogScotland Canicross sessions – please get in touch if you are interested.

The classes will be done to slowly build your (& your dog’s) fitness up ensuring we have fun along the way, each class will last 1 hour including warm-up/ training/ cool-down

Depending on the temperature it might well just be a human only class to ensure their safety.

Kit is available to hire for the classes – please let us know prior to the class as there’s limited equipment

Days; Locations & Times:

1830     Inverness – Bught Park
(park near the footbridge to the Islands)


We will be setting up a class – please get in touch if you are interested

These will initially be purely biking, unless you have your own bike arm attachment, the aim being to build up the skills and gain confidence prior to attaching your dog.

Days; Locations & Times: