About us

Who or What are the Highland Cani-Crossers?

The Highland Cani-Crossers was ‘born’ in November 2014 when Annelise Glew set up a Facebook Group to try to bring together anyone in the Highlands of Scotland who were, or might be interested in the upcoming sport of canicrossing and/ or bikejoring.

The basic aims are to
1) Enjoy and promote canicrossing and bikejoring (& skijoring) in the Highlands;
2) To encourage others into the sport; and
3) To give a social platform via Facebook and Twitter for everyone to arrange meet ups or any other canine related event.

Annelise’s interest in the sport had been sparked in early 2013 when she’d bought a canicross session with Lindsay at Cani-Fit as a Birthday present for her husband, Steve and also one for herself. Then later that year they went to their first race – Cani-Fit Experience with their collie, Skye, and after seeing how much she was enjoying herself both racing and socialising with the other dogs – realised that they’d found something all of them could enjoy together.

After a couple of seasons Annelise realised that there was no central point of contact for anyone else living in the Highlands of Scotland who wanted to either do canicrossing or bikejoring so the HCC’s came to fruition.

The Highland Canicrossers now offers JogScotland canicross sessions and also specific mountain bike training sessions for bikejoring, as well as having our own annual event – The Highland Fling which is a mix of canicross and bikejor.

What About the People?

IMG_1110Annelise’s background, aside from her ‘day job’ as a Health & Safety Adviser with Scottish Water, was previously one of the athletic coaches at Ross County Athletics Club.  She has qualifications as an assistant athletic coach and official, and also a JogScotland Leader. She has completed a couple of marathons; various half’s/ 10 mile/ 10k/ 5k races; cross-country races throughout the Highlands; duathlons; aquathons; triathlons; endurance style multi-stage event in the north of Norway; various canicross & bikejor events within Scotland; the Strathpuffer a couple of times (team of 10 and as a quad); 10 Under the Ben – solo; “Ride Like a Grrl – Epic Route”, and Relentless 24 as a pair with Steve. Most of her training is done with Skye, making sure that Skye has as much – if not more –  fun!

IMG_3229Steve’s background is as an Outdoor Activity Instructor who freelances throughout Scotland and on occasion North of England. He too has completed a couple of marathons and various other distance races and events that between the two of them they have managed to persuade each other to do – including the Strathpuffer, the Real Relay, and Barry the Baton.

IMG_4470Skye is a 5 year old Border Collie who, aside from canicrossing/ bikejoring or skijoring, loves her balls, pigs, and frisbees.