Dog Health, Safety & Welfare Policy

1. The welfare of the dog is paramount.
In the UK they are not permitted to race until they are 1 year old for canicross and 18 months old for bikejoring/ scooter. If there is any doubt as to your dog’s suitability for cani-sports, please discuss with your breeder or rescue organisation and consult a vet.

2. Everyone participates at their own risk and is solely responsible for themself and their dog. Any incident involving a third party is the sole responsibility of the owner/runner.
Highland Canicrosser’s insurance is to safeguard the group, it is strongly recommended that participants have appropriate insurance to cover cani-sports (e.g United Canine Sports Club).

3. All relevant health issues of both participants and dogs must be disclosed to the run organiser prior to participating.

4. All dogs must show a willingness to run in a harness.

5. The run organiser has complete discretion if they wish to remove a participant and their dog(s) from the group, this must be respected and acknowledged that a decision to do so will not be made lightly.

6. The run organiser reserves the right to request any dog be muzzled.

7. Please ensure you pick up after your dog and dispose of this appropriately.

8. Appropriate equipment is to be used on the dogs at all times. If in any doubt please seek advice as equipment can be borrowed/ hired.

9. If there is an incident or accident whilst participating with Highland Canicrossers, please inform the run organiser as soon as possible and in all cases prior to leaving the run.

10. All dogs must be identified by collar tags and/or microchip.

11. All dogs must be kept on a lead at all times, unless otherwise dictated/allowed by the run organiser.

12. All participants must be aware of appropriate times for feeding and watering dogs in and around exercise.

13. All participants must be aware of the appropriate conditions to run dogs; e.g. temperature and terrain.

14. Bitches in season are permitted at events, however it is entirely your responsibility to ensure that there is no incident. You also may not take them along the racing trail during an event unless racing at the time to ensure that there is no unfair distraction for other dogs.

15. Dogs referred to as “my dog” or “your dog” in Highland Canicrosser documents are defined as any dog that you bring along to a club run regardless of ownership and/or any dog that you borrow directly from the owner at a club run.
If you bring a dog along that you do not own you are not permitted to allow anyone else to walk or run this dog unless it is an emergency situation.

16. A maximum of 2 dogs per runner at any one time is permitted, regardless of size or breed.